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The Garretts | SovHope Spotlight Blog

Adam Vinson

 By David M.

My first foray into the Garrett family was when Marcus started working in the Chick-fil-A warehouse in August of 2013. Because of this, we were forced to spend time together, and it was during this time that I did what any young warehouse worker would do. That’s right, I grilled him on his theology. To the point that he told me to shut up. It’s not often that people tell me to shut up, not often enough, but I knew from that day on that we would make the greatest of friends. I could tell there was something about him, something that I appreciated. It could be how down-to-earth, straight forward, genuine, authentic, and unashamedly 90’s he is (a quality I particularly enjoy). Whatever it is, you all saw it as well because it wasn’t even a year before you were writing his name on the deacon ballot. Now I am big fan of Marcus, but he was just the tip of the Garrett family iceberg. Renee is the perfect co-partner for Marcus. She is one of the (if not the) kindest, most humble, servant hearted, easy going women I have ever met. Time and time again I have seen her serve her family with sacrificial love and care. When I’m around them, I feel like I might actually have to start being a better person! Can you ease up on the humble servitude please? Then there is Noah. He is quiet. He is content. He is contagious. Is that weird to say? I don’t care. It’s always that quiet ones that come out and surprise you the most. The more I am around Noah the more glimpses I get into his heart and character, and I like what I see. There is a deep-rooted passion and sensitivity in his soul that allows him to connect emotionally to others in a way that is unparalleled by his peers. Finally, we come to Patti, the little firecracker we have all come to know and love. She was the missing ingredient of the Garrett’s secrete sauce, adding more than just a little spice into their lives.


The Garrett’s are coming to, and hitting a lot of milestones, such as replacing the knob that broke off their sink five years ago and finally getting Internet after eight years. You read that right. Eight years. This family could write a book on contentment! Besides those, they have some major points of praise and prayers. It’s been two years since Renee quit her job to start her new job as a full-time mom. I hear the hours are long and that it pays…nothing, which is why making the decision in the beginning was difficult. They felt the urge to trust the Lord with their finances, and have since seen Him graciously provide at every turn. Renee recounted those who, with care in their hearts, advised against this decision, and I think the point to remember is that the call you feel in your life may not make sense to the world, and it doesn’t have to. God will be there every step of the way, even if it is difficult.


Noah has a few changes and milestones as well. He will be transferring from Sandy Creek High School to East Coweta next year. The family is praying that the transition will be easy, also for the Lord to sovereignly place him with teachers and friends who will benefit his growth into young adulthood. Another prayer of theirs, is for God to provide a vehicle for Noah. He’s quickly approaching the golden age of teenage years, sweet sixteen. The year where you drive off into the sunset with your new license, leaving your parents crying in the driveway as the words “Be Careful” are drowned out by the sound of screeching tires and heavy metal music. And what does Noah want to be sitting on top of those screeching tires? You guessed it. A Ford F-150 with four-wheel drive. Marcus is a little more realistic with the possibilities, but did say that Noah has saved up a lot of his own money, so if he finds the deal of lifetime there’s no stopping him.

Speaking of people who can’t be stopped, let’s talk about Patti. She has been described as “The Eye of the Storm” by Marcus, which Renee felt was very fitting. She’s vastly approaching three, and the family is already seeing glimpses of her personality. Patti is sassy, loving, strong-willed, passionate, independent, and a good compliment to the Garrett family, challenging their laid back, easy going life-style. They ask for prayer in continuing to raise her up in a godly household as well as for her sleeping schedule.


Is there anyone in our church that doesn’t love Garretts? No? Of course not. If you don’t, then you just lost your membership at Sovereign Hope. The Garrett’s are one of those families that you didn’t know you needed in your life until they enter it, and now you cannot imagine life and our church without them. I think it’s safe to say that we are all very thankful and grateful for who they are and what they mean to us as friends and as an addition to our community of believers.